What is “three”?

“three” is 2 players card game.

The card has ver simple design.

But it has a special function.

In this picture, the red card and the blue card are fighting.

The card design show you which wins.

The red card can make a big triangle over the blue card.
The card that has majority color wins.

Next piture, the blue card exits and the yellow card appears.

This time, the red card loses and the yellow card wins.

Red wins blue, blue wins yellow, yellow wins red.

“three” is like the rock-paper-scissors.

Players have three hand cards and choose one of them to fight.
You can consider the game limited rock-paper-scissors.

The Number written on the card has two meanings.

First meaning is the point.

The points are according to numbers.

The winning card gets the same points written on the card.

Second meaning is strength.

In no majority colors, the low number wins.

One greater than two, two greater than three.

The low number is easy to win.

Because the low number card can win with colors and numbers.

But the points is low.

The high number is hard to win.

Because the high number card can win with colors only.

But the points is high.

“thee” has only two rules.

  1. The card that has majority color wins.
  2. In no majority color, the low number wins.

First person to get 3 points wins this game.

That’s all.

Thank you for reading.